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What Makes Us Different

Another New Year always brings great hope and anticipation to everyone's heart and soul. We'd like to take a moment to look back and think about what has made Bennett's so different from other spots and why we've been so warmly embraced by the huge numbers of folks from around the world who come in to our shop. Of course, it's easy to point to our own private recipe for our FAMOUS DONUTS. Or as one local food write put it, those "large puffy pillows of perfection". This year we've rolled out some new varieties, particularly the popular Mud Pie, a mess of chocolate icing, crumbled Oreo cookies and peanut butter drizzle. Whichever one your choose, it's made from scratch (no mixes) is covered with our homemade glaze or icings or it's filled with our homemade fillings. (Except for the jelly. We don't quite have time to make that from scratch.)

Maybe what makes Bennett's different is that EVERY SERVER IS A TRAINED BARISTA. We, alone among coffee shops, rebuke the "Starbucks" model of business where one young and very slow moving barista stands behind the espresso machine and cranks out cappuccinos and lattes one at a time for everyone and sometimes you can wait forever if there's much of a line. While we know during busy season, our lines can be long, when you get up to the head of the line, one person will serve you everything and will personally make your coffee beverage of choice with care and love. In a few weeks, we'll unveil a new and revolutionary "honor" system for brewed coffee, both in-house and to-go, that will further speed up service without eliminating the personal care and kindness our servers have grown a reputation for.

The UNEXPECTED might well be what Bennett's is best known for. The area's best Lobster Roll, our signature lunch salads or our daily paninis with fresh roasted meats are items you might not expect from a local coffee and donut house.

Maybe the term FRESH ROAST might have escaped your notice. When we say it, we mean it. We believe (almost exclusively among coffee shops) that coffee is a perishable product. It's full of oils that can turn rancid. If it's ground and allowed to sit, a stale mildew flavor can develop. We roast our coffee daily, in-shop, in small batches, usually for the next day. We store it airtight and grind and brew it one pot at a time with care and knowledge. Our coffee is brewed into small airpots which we cycle through quickly. Our airpots use glass thermoses and our coffee is kept hot and fresh. The result is an enormously flavorful cup that is beyond comparison with other coffee shops. By the way, did you ever wonder why dad grabs the paper when his "coffee kicks in" and he runs to the bathroom? He's probably not drinking fresh roasted coffee. Well we're glad to point out that Bennett's Coffee won't "kick in".

But with all that said, we think that the biggest thing that makes Bennett's different from other places with a similar list of items on the menu is OUR PEOPLE. We believe that a warm welcome, a kind greeting and a truly caring attitude must be given more than just lip service. You see, when we say thank you, we truly mean it. When you say thank you, we won't say "no problem" and then walk away. We'll say "it's my pleasure". Because it really, truly is.

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2011 Bayside Parkway 

Fort Myers, FL  33901

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