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6 YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG! We find it hard to fathom that Bennett's has been around for six years as of this coming Saturday! We are so very grateful to all of our friends and fans from around SW Florida and the rest of the world. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the warm kindnesses you've shown us during that time and most recently for the warm reception you've given our new Sanibel shop. Both shops continue to grow with thousands of pounds of coffee roasted each month in-shop and thousands of donuts being made up fresh and home-made each and every morning. Starting Saturday, we're featuring some very special (and may we say expensive?) coffees from around the world. Every day it's a new coffee custom roasted in our in 2 in-shop roasters. On Saturday we'll start with an incredible Puna Moon Hawaiian Rainforest which we think is even better than Hawaiian Kona. We're offering it at our REGULAR coffee prices (in brewed form only, no bean sales) regardless of the fact that it sells for more than $25 a pound online.

On Sunday, we'll feature an amazing Haitian Dondon: Haitian Dondon is a classic Caribbean in every sense- chocolately sweet with mellow citrus-highlights.

On Monday, you'll have an opportunity to try Yemen Mocca Zamarrud Bani Isma'el One of the world's oldest coffees, the Yemen Mocca is a highly complex system of flavors.

On Tuesday, your life may change. Just a sip of the Panama La Berlina Estate Gesha will tell you why it's an amazing, award winning cup that sells for up to $80 a pound.

And finally, on Wednesday, it's the Indonesian Sumatra Iskandar Premium This is the best & brightest Sumatran we have ever tried. Dark & Brooding. Sultry, unique, bold, complex and woodsy, with butterscotch flavors.

And we'll be serving one very famous donut for five days only: The Bennett's Honeyberry Mascarpone Donut which Bennett famously made on Food Network and Cooking Channel's show Donut Showdown. Dave Rocco said "the mascarpone icing made us drool". In limited supplies daily while they last, 2/8-2/12.


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2011 Bayside Parkway 

Fort Myers, FL  33901

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