The Bennett's Fresh Roast Promise​


The coffee you buy or drink in our shop today, was roasted in house yesterday. While other roasters and coffee shops serve coffee roasted as long as 4 months ago, we believe that our coffee’s bold and intense flavor is well worth the extra effort. We hope you’ll agree. Our special “pre-infusion” brewing process allows us to extract the best and most intense flavors from some of the world’s best coffee beans without rancidity or that mildew taste you get in the stuff from the store.   Our methods are indeed unorthodox and some say we're fanatics.  But when you taste the BIG flavor of Bennett's Fresh Roast, you might just say that you're fanatic about the boldness and smoothness of our coffee. Naturally, some of our bold coffees aren’t for the meek. That’s why we offer our Colombian Supremo house coffee in a mild brew.


2011 Bayside Parkway 

Fort Myers, FL  33901

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